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Premier League – Pulis pleads relegation to dodge driving ban – Yahoo! Eurosport

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Image of Tony Pulis

Image of Tony Pulis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Premier League – Pulis pleads relegation to dodge driving ban – Yahoo! Eurosport.

How on earth can this be fair?

What about all the ‘ordinary’ people that stand to lose their jobs following driving bans?

The club should have fined him and provided him with a chauffeur and take it out of his wages. Hasn’t he brought the club into disrepute?

Common sense, don’t be a Judge without it


The MF Global plot thickens

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MF Global’s Shortfall No Surprise, Some Say
(New York Times) — Some MF Global employees were aware of a shortfall in the firm’s customer accounts days before filing for bankruptcy on Oct. 31, according to people involved in the case, a revelation that raises questions about why the firm failed to safeguard client money and whether it withheld information from authorities.

Millionaires hit by dreaded ‘mansion tax’ #ukbudget

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Semi-detached houses in Croydon for sale

Semi-detached houses in Croydon for sale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Property News | Millionaires hit by dreaded ‘mansion tax’.

To be honest, if you’re an Estate Agent in London selling properties north of £2m, I’m not sure you’ve got too much to be worried about.

Take it from me, the ‘super-rich’ don’t care that a house will cost them an extra £140K of stamp duty.

And let’s face it if you’ve got £10m to splash out on your pad, what’s another £700K stamp duty?

After all, John Terry can earn that much in 6 weeks.

Common sense, don’t buy a £2m mansion without it.

Apple – Computer Reuse and Recycling, did my car depreciate this quickly? #apple #depreciation

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Apple iPad Event

Apple iPad Event (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apple – Computer Reuse and Recycling.

Just over one year from launching the original iPad, can I be tempted to part company with one of my most prized possessions?

According to the Apple website, my 32Gb Wifi model, in pretty good condition, with all the leads could be worth $60-80

So, if I decide to part with it, what can I get for roughly $60?

1) 4 cinema tickets, a bag of popcorn

2) an iPad stand or cover

3) 6 album downloads

4) a ticket to the theatre

5) pair of Levis

No brainer really.

Common sense, don’t sell your iPad without it.

Am I missing something? Why is the tax payer being kicked in the “painfuls” again?

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P Football

P Football (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UPDATE 2-Bain grabs Lloyds buyout loans at knockdown price | Reuters.

It’s one thing to want to get rid of your bad assets but quite another to throw them away just for the sake of it. Seems like Antonio Horta-Osorio, is able to justify his salary by doing just this!

You have to ask the question, why is Private Equity a buyer? Answer because they will make money out of the purchase. So what’s the upside for the taxpayer? Has the bank arranged to participate in any further benefits that a future sale of these assets might bring or have they just torn up pound notes?

Common sense, don’t deal with Private Equity without it.

7% stamp duty, question is, who’s paying it? #offshore #loophole

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Easy if you’ve got endless amounts of cash, Federal Reserve turns $77 billion profit

March 20, 2012 1 comment

Federal Reserve turns $77 billion profit – Mar. 20, 2012.

Just goes to show what you can achieve when you run your own printing press. That’s why Greece is still in a mess. Not to mention, Portugal & Spain.