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Empty High Streets, who’s to blame? #highstreet #shopping #retail

Kettering Retail Park American-style retail pa...

Kettering Retail Park American-style retail parks have sprung up in recent years around most towns. They can be viewed as convenient one-stop shopping centres or soulless collections of warehouses that damage town centres. Either way, they are invariably advertised by signs such as this listing the various retailers. This one is close to the A14/A509 interchange. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blow to UK high street as more retailers move out of town | Business | The Guardian.

As more and more retailers move out-of-town to retail parks, who is really to blame for the exodus?

Is it the lack of free parking available to shoppers on the Hight St, as greedy and desperate councils, seek to raise cash from the beleaguered motorist?

Is it high rates charged by landlords and a general reduction in retail margins, partly caused by the phenomenon of internet shopping a la Amazon?

Or is it just a changing demographic away from a society that used to interact with each other on the High Street?

Take a look in the USA. There are very few if any ‘high streets’. Shopping is centred around retail parks, that include cinemas, restaurants and bars.

The high street has become an outdated phenomenon. So where is the high street heading now? More office space, more luxury apartments, social housing?

How about community centres to encourage the younger generation to learn new skills, or to encourage tolerance of each other?

Just a thought.

Common sense, don’t visit a retail park without it.


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