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Banks say no to one in three small firms #saysitall #banks #eurocrisis

May 31, 2012 2 comments


Bank (Photo credit: 401K)

Banks say no to one in three small firms | Mail Online.

Why are interest rates 0.5%?

Why aren’t banks helping?

Why is HMRC not taxing corporates fairly?


Data protection, how did they get my cellphone number? @FSAconsumerinfo #datatheft #coldcalling #FCA #nuisance

May 30, 2012 1 comment

Picture of a Cell Phone

Picture of a Cell Phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Official logo of the European Data Protection ...

Official logo of the European Data Protection Supervisor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) I received yet another text on my phone today, telling me I might be able to claim for the recent accident I had.

I didn’t have an accident and who gave you my phone number anyway?

So what is data protection and who exactly is it protecting and finally what is the regulator doing about it?

2) Thurs 9th Feb 2012, if the regulator is reading this, kindly call 01614148306 and ask them how they got my number. They are trying to sell life insurance! Data protection?

3) Tues 21st Feb, 1pm another phone call from someone claiming to want to help me regarding an accident I had within the past 3 years. When I enquired when the accident occured the individual put the phone down.

4) 19th April an SMS message sent from +447501131715 stating I could be due £5,100 in compensation for a recent accident.

5) 23rd April another SMS sent from +447742019973 stating I could be entitled to £2,350 in compensation for mis-selling of PPI on my credit-card or loan.

6) 30th May another SMS sent from +447518070408 stating I could be entitled to £3150 in compensation from mis-sold PPI on my credit-card or loan.

7) 29th June PPI Claims called me again. I asked them to take me off their list which they assured me that they would do. The calling number is 0203 167 1196

8) 2nd July PPI Claims called. The calling number is 0203 167 1196 despite assurances mentioned above.

9) Further calls from this same number, 0203 167 1196 on 3rd, 4th, 7th and 9th July.

10) 12th November 2012, not content with sending unsolicited texts and cold calling, I am now receiving recorded messages from 08434105270 on my cell phone. Goodness knows how much that is costing me!

11) 4th January 2013, unsolicited text from +44825679113 offering to write off 70% of unsecured debts under £5,000 (no wonder the world is in a mess-no social resposibility)

12) 7th January 2013, unsolicited text from +447760897088 offering refund of PPI

13) 29th May 2013, a PPI recorded message!!! FFS what is the regulator doing? 08452865277

13) 30th May 2013, unsolicited phone call from “Run my Claims” 01792630620. I asked the individual how they got my number and she said the company BOUGHT my details!!!

14) 30th May 2013, another call today this time from Penelope (not obliged to give out her surname) at PPI Helpline, 0845 2865283. They obtained my number via a “Financial credit database”. What a farce!

Let me add that the FSA complaints website does NOT work.

IMF chief Christine Lagarde pays NO TAX on her £300,000 salary #hypocrisy #euro #Greece

May 30, 2012 5 comments

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, Internat...

IMF chief Christine Lagarde pays NO TAX on her £300,000 salary despite attacking Greece for dodging payment | Mail Online.

Lagarde may or may not be right when she says “it’s your own fault” to Greece but this is yet another distasteful example of the hypocrisy surrounding the whole euro crisis.

Her statement regarding unpaid tax by wealthy Greeks may also be accurate. After all, that’s probably been going on for over 30 years!!

I’m not even suggesting that she shouldn’t be paid £300K (although that’s another story) but not paying any tax? This is due to her ‘diplomatic status’

I wonder if the phrase “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” translates into French. Of course the common sense approach to avoid this criticism, would be to pay her £500K and tax her at 40% but then, isn’t that why Europe is in a such a mess?

Common sense, don’t throw stones without it!

Make sure, you’re driving for the right team #F1 #corporationtax #HMRC #justwrong

May 29, 2012 5 comments


Tax (Photo credit: 401K)

pitpass – F1’s 5% tax manoeuvre.

I should start by saying that I enjoy watching F1, it’s a great sport and undoubtedly the new technology finds its way into the everyday lives of ordinary people.

Then to be honest, I started reading this article about the low tax rate for F1 and it’s complicated, very complicated.

The point is that F1’s tax rate is about 5%, seemingly all with the blessing of HMRC.

This is the same HMRC that will come after you, if you forget to pay your self-employed NI on time, the same HMRC that will fine you £100 for submitting your tax return after the 31st January deadline.

It’s also the same HMRC that is hounding individuals for ‘hiding’ their money in offshore accounts. So what’s the difference?

The upshot is that a select group of wealthy people are continuing to take advantage of the tax system and the middle classes who support the sport, by way of buying merchandise, tickets etc etc..

All of this is excellent news for Mr Ecclestone‘s daughters, who have recently embarked upon a property buying spree. Personally I say, “good for you”, it’s what any parent would want for their children and as the daughters are quick to point out, why should they apologise for their father’s success.

Sadly, you can’t help but have a slightly sour taste left in your mouth as part of the success seems to be funded by HMRC’s generous attitude.

It’s a bit much when “average Joe” is scraping around trying to earn an honest decent living for his family, in the face of tax hikes, austerity measures, blah blah blah….

Common sense, don’t support F1 without it!

Bit early to book your all inclusive summer hols to Greece? #greece #holiday #tourism

May 28, 2012 1 comment

The island of Santorini in Greece is a popular...

The island of Santorini in Greece is a popular tourist destination. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s an odd one.

Evidently British tourists are frantically booking discounted holidays to Greece. Whilst this is great news for the Greek economy, it also appears that many companies in Greece are preparing themselves for a summer of rioting and disturbances.

It is said that Dixons, which owns Greek loss making chain Kotsovolos has been ordering security shutters to protect it’s stock. After all, which genuine rioter in their right mind, wouldn’t want to nab a 60 inch telly or a couple of iPads for nothing?

So where does this leave the British tourist? Well, truthfully it’s not likely to impact them as long as they’re not staying in Athens. Surely greek islanders will be open for tourism, with welcoming arms all summer, as long as you’re not German.

Nevertheless, it’s food for thought.

FCO Travel advice

May 2012, week number 21….what happened..#Liverpool #Chelsea #success #cpi #remote #gocompare #Facebook #banks #greece #renesas

Monday 21st

It’s a funny old game. After Saturday night’s victory against Bayern Munich, Roberto di Matteo is still not sure whether he will be named Chelsea manager. Just in case anyone missed it, under his caretaker managership Chelsea have won The Champions League final and the domestic FA Cup. Somewhat odd also, that Liverpool recently sacked their manager Kenny Dalglish, after he led them to a Carling Cup victory, an FA Cup final, ironically against Chelsea and a 8th place finish in The Premier League. So between them, di Matteo and Dalglish have won 3 cups and apparently they are both unemployed! High expectations indeed from the owners

Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager

Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

or just plain stupid?

Tuesday 22nd

UK CPI has fallen from 3.5 to 3.0% in April. We are reliably informed that RPI is down too. For anyone who doesn’t know these two measures calculate inflation. Loosely this tells you whether you’ve got more spare cash at the end of the month. I can reliably inform the Office for National Statistics that both of these figures are meaningless and unrepresentative of REAL inflation, which is how much everyday spending on essential goods has increased. As Mark Twain wrote, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”

Wednesday 23rd

Television remote control

Eugene Polley, the man who invented the “remote control” died aged 96. The “remote” was originally invented to turn off the TV during long annoying commercials. Not much has changed then!

Thursday 24th

Facebook shares closed last night at $32, 15% lower that the recent IPO price. Pending lawsuits are alleging that price sensitive information was withheld by Zuckerberg, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. The only surprise is that everyone’s surprised!


facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

Friday 25th

Greece in still in the Euro, yawn. Renesas, the loss making Japanese microchip maker, is reportedly planning to raise 100B Yen (about $1.3bn) and cut 10,000 jobs.

Wow, 10,000 jobs…$1.3bn…….gulp

The great Facebook debacle Part 2 #mugs #muppets

May 24, 2012 3 comments

“Ha ha ha, look at all those muppets in the street with their Facebook stock. I’m still short at $42 and $38…… put in a bid to buy my short back at $32.

I’ll see you in the “Gilt” later, get the “Dom” on ice!”

So, it turns out, that in the biggest technology IPO in history, investors in the street, were given the opportunity to participate in 25% of the shares offered.


Next up, it turns out that Goldman are selling up to $1.09bn of stock in the IPO. This was stock it already owned.


It later transpires, that a Morgan Stanley analyst told a privileged few, that it was cutting revenue estimates, during the IPO roadshow.

So what’s changed since the demise of Lehmans and the financial crisis of the last few years. Not much by the look of things. Seems that the rich are getting richer, the middle classes are still a great target and the poor, well nobody gives a damn about them anyway!

Not a great advert for Wall Street.
Common sense, don’t partake in an IPO without it!