Greek elections: no real surprise #austerity #greece #bailout #default

The Hellenic Parliament building in Athens. Ру...

The Hellenic Parliament building in Athens. Русский: Здание греческого парламента в Афинах. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greek elections: exit polls point to drubbing for major parties | World news |

So it turns out that the Greek people are against German led, draconian austerity measures. Presumably this was the reason that the violence and rioting took place some months ago in Athens?

In fact, with Greek unemployment running at over 20% and over 50% of youth aged between 15-24yrs unemployed, the outcome of this election was rather predictable.

So the question is, what was the point of the endless discussions with the EU, various attempts at restructuring Greek debt, austerity plans and months and months of debate, only for this to be seemingly overturned by a new Greek parliament a mere 3 or 4 months later.

Surely the common sense approach would have been to have had the elections before all these meetings took place, to ensure that an elected government was in place with the mandate of the Greek people.

And all of this before billions and billions of EU taxpayer money was thrown at Greece in the hope of preventing the Eurozone from collapse.

Let’s hope that this mistake is not repeated.

Common sense, don’t attempt a bail out, without it.

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