Week 20 May 2012, what happened? #greece #eurocrisis #euromillions #Landsecurities #donnasummer #G8 #shit

Main building of the bank of Greece.

Main building of the bank of Greece. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday 14th Greece, the leader of far-left Syriza party, refuses to enter coalition talks, effectively signing the exit of Greece from the Eurozone. To be honest it’s been on the cards for a long time and the sooner it’s over and done with the better.

Tuesday 15th The euromillions jackpot rolls over for a 5th time. Buy your ticket on Friday to have a chance to win Euro 64m but be warned, there will be stiff competition from Greece.

Wednesday 16th According to property group Land Securities, many locations may never recover from current struggles.
Well better late than never!

Thursday 17th May Sadly, disco diva Donna Summer passed away. I spent a lot of my youth “givin’ it my all on the dance floor” to her tunes…………….Hot stuff 😦

Also worth mentioning that Eduardo Saverin, seems to have turned his back on the land of opportunity. Hasn’t gone down very well at all!

Friday 17th With Greece in chaos and the Spanish banking system on the verge of collapse, President Obama will meet with European leaders at the G8 summit, this weekend in Camp David. On the agenda no doubt will be, “Bloody hell, what now?”
How about nationalize the Spanish banking system completely? Alternatively, introduce a Worldwide short selling ban. Nothing like a bit of market manipulation!

Oh and by the way, Hewlett-Packard are considering cutting 25,000 jobs. Not good.


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