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The great Facebook debacle Part 2 #mugs #muppets

“Ha ha ha, look at all those muppets in the street with their Facebook stock. I’m still short at $42 and $38…… put in a bid to buy my short back at $32.

I’ll see you in the “Gilt” later, get the “Dom” on ice!”

So, it turns out, that in the biggest technology IPO in history, investors in the street, were given the opportunity to participate in 25% of the shares offered.


Next up, it turns out that Goldman are selling up to $1.09bn of stock in the IPO. This was stock it already owned.


It later transpires, that a Morgan Stanley analyst told a privileged few, that it was cutting revenue estimates, during the IPO roadshow.

So what’s changed since the demise of Lehmans and the financial crisis of the last few years. Not much by the look of things. Seems that the rich are getting richer, the middle classes are still a great target and the poor, well nobody gives a damn about them anyway!

Not a great advert for Wall Street.
Common sense, don’t partake in an IPO without it!


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