May 2012, week number 22….what happened…#London2012 #olympics #F1 #Banks #Greece #extortion

2012 Olympic Torch, St William House, Cardiff,...

Monday 28th May – We started the week off with the Olympic torch arriving in Gwent. Tens of thousands lined the street, showing their support for the Games, probably because they couldn’t get or afford a ticket?

Tuesday 29th May – A happy day for Bernie Ecclestone as he plans for a forthcoming IPO in Singapore, although this may be delayed due to market conditions. F1, a classic example of tax hypocrisy, courtesy of HMRC.

Wednesday 30th May – In further acts of gross hypocrisy it’s revealed that IMF chief, Christine Lagarde, doesn’t pay any income tax on her salary?? She said that her comments regarding Greece were misunderstood but she didn’t go as far as making an apology. Good thing she’s not appearing on the Greek TV equivalent of “I’m a Celelebrity, get me out of here.”

Thursday 31st May – In more shock news it’s revealed that British banks aren’t lending to small firms. How long did it take to work that out? Fortunately some of the banks are building up cash reserves (taxpayers money), to prepare for the forthcoming financial Armageddon. A comforting thought.

Friday 1st June – In even more shock news, London 2012 Olympic food and drink pricing was revealed this week. Extortion is a word that immediately comes to mind. After failing to supply Londoners with event tickets and revealing that the transport system will be tested to the extreme, you can be assured that if you make it to an event, you can get a pint of beer for £7. Why not treat yourself to fish and chips for £8 while you’re there. Cost of a day out for 2 adults and 2 kids…..probably not much change from £250 (including your tickets) and I think I’m being generous. Looks like I’ll be booking that all inclusive week in Greece this summer?

March 25 - Greece Independence Day

March 25 – Greece Independence Day (Photo credit: Aster-oid)

Have a great Jubilee week!

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