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What happened last week? Week 23 of 2012 #diamondjubilee #Spain #bailout

So what happened last week? Well, while I was away, sunning myself on a distant beach, not on a Greek Island I hasten to add, the United Kingdom celebrated The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Love or hate the Monarchy, The Queen is an amazing individual. Over 80 years old and stood the whole way during the 4hr pageant on Sunday, waving to her loyal subjects as she travelled along The River Thames. Granted, she doesn’t have to do the washing when she gets back home but a marvellous individual. Not to mention the benefits she brings to the UK economy through tourism. Long may she reign over us!

The other notable event of last week was the Euro 100bn bail out of the Spanish banking system. Widely described as a sticking plaster to cure a broken leg, it remains to be seen whether any good comes of it. However it may help to calm the nerves of customers of Spanish banks, therefore preventing a “run” on the banks and a collapse of the banking system.

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