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June 2012, week number 24…..what happened? #Euro2012 #austerity #Greece #Germany #WPP #Engerland #BOE

Monday 11th June, with The European championships 2012 well underway, it remains a mystery how supporters are setting off fire crackers during the matches, resulting in huge plumes of smoke on the pitch. Not much security or health and safety in Poland or The Ukraine?

English: UEFA Euro 2012 poster in Warsaw.

English: UEFA Euro 2012 poster in Warsaw. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tuesday 12th June, a Chinese multi millionaire builds an exact replica of the Paris landmark Château de Maisons-Laffitte at a cost of US$50m. Wow!

Maison Laffitte

Wednesday 13th June, French bank, Credit Agricole prepares to exit Greece and following their 1-2 defeat to The Czech Republic in Euro 2012, it’s rumoured that Germany will bail out Greece by giving them 3 points. They can afford to as they easily beat the rather disorganised Netherlands 2-1

Thursday 14th June, WPP shareholders shouted down Sir Martin Sorell’s pay packet. Strange decision?

Friday 15th June, Mr UK motorist is targeted again for yet more money. Well why not, they are a soft and easy target.

In a significant move the Bank of England has finally indicated that it will give the UK economy a kick-start. Should have happened 2 years ago, still……..better late than never!

C’mon Engerland!!!

Roy Hodgson

Roy Hodgson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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