Week 25 of 2012 what happened? #austerity #hypocrisy #politics #greece #Germany #moodys #JimmyCarr

Whale los cabos

Whale los cabos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday 18th June – It’s official Greece must be austere…or what exactly? Well no money I suppose and the indignation of being booted out of the Eurozone. That’s what top officials said as they made their way to the delightful Mexican holiday resort at Los Cabos on the Baja California peninsula.

Tuesday 19th June – As the economic situation deteriorates in Greece we see a sad reminder of the effects of austerity.

Wednesday 20th June – Poor old Jimmy Carr has been found out for tax avoidance. Although he has legally done nothing wrong, as they said in “Yes Minister”, there is a moral issue. It’s fair to say that normal folk are getting seriously annoyed about how the rich and super rich are avoiding taxes, whilst the ordinary taxpayer (easy target) is supporting the country. Unfair and unjust are words that spring to mind.

Thursday 21st June – Moodys are at it again. In hindsight Moodys are correct….banks are essentially in a mess, sovereign states are broke. Not much point in telling us what we knew 3 years ago, so why not just put a sock in it Moodys. This is irresponsible behavior that is actually making things worse by spreading panic.Perhaps the likes of the FSA should take a look?


Tax (Photo credit: 401K 2012)

Friday 22nd June – Tonight for one night only, Greece have an opportunity to overthrow Germany. If the Greek PM is shrewd he could even solve the debt crisis!

And finally after meeting at Los Cabos and Rome this week, Euro ministers will be looking forward to lunch in Brussels next Thursday and Friday. What a load of nonsense and waste of taxpayers money, jetting ministers, secretaries and security all over the world. Ever heard of videoconferencing? Time for a taxpayer revolt. Please RT if you agree.

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