Another one with his hands in the till #PFGBest #Wasendorf

Regulators Hanged

Regulators Hanged (Photo credit: Visit Hillsborough)

Iowa broker PFGBest collapses after hiding millions.

And so it goes on, with regulators seemingly powerless to prevent it.

And yet if I want to draw a paltry £50 from my own personal account at a British High Street bank, I have to go through endless security checks. So who is getting it wrong? Looks like the blame should fall fairly and squarely on regulators and banks (again). The problem is that regulators don’t understand what they are regulating until it’s too late and as long as you are big enough, Banks don’t care.

So where are we heading? Into a world where job growth will be strongest in the Regulatory area. Can’t be long before there are more regulators than bankers.

Common sense, don’t regulate without it.

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  1. July 15, 2012 at 8:35 pm

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