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GOP Delays Start of Convention –

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Republican vs. Democrat 2012

Republican vs. Democrat 2012 (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

GOP Delays Start of Convention –


Is it me or isn’t August/September always hurricane season?


Common sense, don’t arrange a meeting in the middle of hurricane season!



Savers have hit for £70bn as printing money ‘helps rich’ admits Bank of England #behindthecurve #BOE #eurocrisis

August 24, 2012 1 comment

The Bank of England in Threadneedle Street, Lo...

The Bank of England in Threadneedle Street, London. Deutsch: Sitz der Bank von England in der Londoner Threadneedle Street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even in recession the rich get richer: Savers have been hit for £70bn as printing money ‘helps rich’ admits Bank of England | Mail Online.

A staggering admission from The Bank of England, leaves the average reader totally dumbfounded as to why there is no change in direction over monetary policy.

Evidently, according to our great leader at The Bank

‘Without the Bank’s asset purchases, most people in the United Kingdom would have been worse off. Economic growth would have been lower. Unemployment would have been higher. Many more companies would have gone out of business. This would have had a significant detrimental impact on savers and pensioners along with every other group in our society.’

Well to be honest, if The Bank keeps up the same policy, that is exactly where we are heading, into a deeper and deeper downward spiral.

Common sense, put up interest rates NOW!

The clock is ticking for #Greece #Germany #austerity #bully

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Countries using the euro de jure Countries usi...

Countries using the euro de jure Countries using the euro de facto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greece Seeking To Finalize $15 Bln Spending Cuts : NPR.

Germany may need to make a decision soon whether it’s wants Greece in or out of the Eurozone.

It seems that Greece has fallen behind on implementing austerity measures and Germany won’t give them any more time. So in spite of some progress made by Greece over the summer, the Euro powerhouse won’t cut them any more slack.

Wait until September, then it’s probably time to put up or shut up.

Common sense, don’t borrow money from the playground bully.

Eye-Fi memory cards: wireless photo and video uploads straight from your camera to your computer & the web.

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Eye-Fi memory cards: wireless photo and video uploads straight from your camera to your computer & the web..

Apologies if you already knew this but I only discovered it yesterday.

I’ve been using Eye-Fi cards for a while now and recently bought another Pro X2 card, having found the product so useful and convenient.

I use the Flickr upload functionality quite often, by using the selective transfer mode. I can then tag my photo on flickr etc etc…

What I didn’t realise was that I could also use the selective transfer mode for video and more to the point by logging in via the web, I can bring up my account and it has the last seven days rolling photo and video uploads. This saves a lot of hassle uploading video to your laptop and then sending it to “You Tube”

Image representing Eye-Fi as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

So now I can use the website to send my video to “You Tube” while I am “at work”


Common sense, just go and buy an Eye Fi card.

It’s still a long, long summer #austerity #Merkel #Greece #Spain #Olympics

August 9, 2012 2 comments


austerity (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Some 5 months on from my original article, where are we now?
Heading downwards I’m afraid. The insistence by governments to pursue austerity measures and near zero interest rates has left many listed companies warning over future profit growth. GDP figures in the main Euro nations has been heading lower confirming the double dip recession. Interest rates are near zero, meaning that savings growth is stagnating and consumer spending is slowing in most areas.

Even our great leader of The Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King said that “cutting interest rates further…..might be counterproductive”

An astute observation by Mr King, although to be honest you can’t go much lower than 0.5%.

For the time being, nothing much has changed. Unemployment is still rising, jobs cuts are still progressing, the Economy is contracting, the tax payer is still bailing out the banks but hey, it’s The Olympics and everything is OK. Just wait until September.

Common sense, just common sense.

Desperate for the loo……make sure you’ve got your wallet #loo #greed

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Royal Parks to charge for toilets – builder wanted Ι Construction Enquirer.

Surely the amount of money that is brought in by tourism could go towards the cost of running these toilets? Whatever next…a tax on breathing Royal ‘air’?

Anyway, it’s not such an issue if you’re a ‘bloke’…just make sure you go behind a tree! (or take a shovel)

English: Ancient roman latrines / latrinae, Os...

English: Ancient roman latrines / latrinae, Ostia Antica Nederlands: Oud-Romeins openbaar toilet Français : Latrines romaines à Ostie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Common sense, don’t visit the loo without your wallet!

Note to Google, please listen #google #customerisking

August 8, 2012 1 comment

Free eBook on Google Play

Free eBook on Google Play (Photo credit: Wesley Fryer)

I have an Android phone and an iPod Touch device. On my Android the application called “Google Play Store” takes up some 9.2Mb of space on my phone. The “old” Market application takes up less than 1Mb.

The problem is that if I want to download an app onto my Android, I have to now use the new Google Play and my phone just doesn’t have enough space for another 9Mb app. So I have to uninstall the new version which then reverts to the smaller “Market” app.

But when I try to load another app, Market is automatically replaced with Google Play again!!!

This is extremely frustrating and I just don’t want a 9Mb app on my phone just to download apps. Going forward, if I can’t use my Android phone because of this issue, I’ll probably just buy an iPhone and bye bye Google market.

Please Google, can we have a lite Google play app.

Common sense, don’t make apps so big that you can’t use your mobile device anymore!