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Please come back to London #oops #disaster #halcyondays #london2012 #olympics

A London Underground train decorated to promot...

A London Underground train decorated to promote London’s Olympic bid. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These photos were taken earlier this morning from a location which is normally jammed packed with cars, buses, taxis, cyclists, pedestrians etc etc etc…..get the picture?

Granted that there are no on going road works during the London 2012 Olympics but the message seems to have got through. Londoner’s have been scared away from the City. Olympic games lanes are empty, hotel rooms are unoccupied, some landlords have been left high and dry as they struggle to find “Olympic” tenants.

A classic case of being too greedy? Best of all though, overpriced Black taxi are driving around empty, maybe they need to be less greedy too and reduce their prices.

Notwithstanding this, no doubt in a few weeks time we will be told by the Olympic authorities, politicians and transport officials that everything went according to plan and the Games were a huge success!

Not sure that all British businesses will agree.

Common sense, don’t hold the Olympics in your City without it.

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