– England game postponed #stupidity #commonsense


stupidity (Photo credit: KairosOfTyre) – England game postponed.


If there was ever a moment that sums up why the world is in such a mess, this must be it.


The stupidity was not the fact that the roof was not shut, despite the weather forecast indicating heavy rain but the decision by the authorities, to prolong the decision to cancel the game by another 45 minutes after the designated kick off time.


As was continuously pointed out last night, by football pundit Lee Dixon, it was blatantly apparent that there was not an earthly chance of the game being played. So why was the referee sent out onto the pitch, to throw the ball around and in the final desperate moment to try to kick the ball around the half way line?


Total stupidity, a HUGE lack of commonsense and a stubborn insistence to toe the official line?


This epitomises the mess that we find ourselves in globally. Nobody in authority using their brain, people too scared to say what they think in case it upsets somebody.


It’s a long way back but we had better start sooner rather than later.


Common sense, vote for Lee Dixon as next head of the BOE




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