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Job count #unemployment #recovery where is society going? #joblessgeneration #corporate #responsibility

BAW - British Airways Boeing 757-236

BAW – British Airways Boeing 757-236 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. Feb 26th 2013 JP Morgan to shed 19,000 jobs worldwide over the next 4 years.
  2. Feb 12th 2013 Barclays Bank to axe 3700 jobs.
  3. Jan 15th 2013 HMV falls into administration with the possible loss of 4500 jobs.
  4. Jan 14th 2013 Honda to cut 800 U.K. production jobs
  5. Jan 11th 2013 Jessops falls into administration with the possible loss of 1300 jobs.
  6. Jan 11th 2013 American Expreess to Cut 5,400 Jobs.
  7. Jan 10th 2013 Morgan Stanley to cut up to 1600 jobs in banking and trading.
  8. Jan 7th 2013  Banco de Valencia, which was bought for €1 recently by La Caixa, to dismiss 890 workers.
  9. Jan 7th 2013 The new Boss of Pearson began his tenure on a ruthless note by closing the media company’s struggling apprenticeships business in Britain, at a cost of 560 jobs.
  10. Nov 30th 2012 Siemens to cut 4700 more lighting jobs to save EU1bn
  11. Nov 26th 2012 SFR to cut less than 1k jobs instead of the 2k announced in July. An official announcement is expected on Nov 28th.
  12. Nov 26th 2012 Spanish banks to receive €35bn FROB (Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring) aid and cut 8K jobs as part of the restructuring.  The banks are also expected to sell or close nearly 1,000 offices.
  13. Nov 22nd 2012 Sainsbury to create 10,000 jobs in the UK (over 3 years)
  14. Nov 22nd 2012 Hostess to terminate 15,000 jobs
  15. Nov 20th 2012 Trade unions have lambasted Premier Foods as a “disaster story” after the Owner of Hovis announced it will close two bakery sites and cut 900 jobs – 10% of the group’s workforce
  16. Nov 19th 2012 A research institute at Trinity College Dublin is to create 50 jobs.
  17. Nov 16th 2012 700 jobs axed at Comet
  18. Nov 16th 2012 Procter & Gamble plans to cut thousands more non-manufacturing jobs
  19. Nov 16th 2012 Texas Instruments cuts 1700 jobs, exits mobile chip market
  20. Nov 14th 2012 BANKIA – To lay off 5,000 employees or 25% of workforce. Bankia is close to announcing the layoffs, which is part of a plan to make Bankia more competitive.
  21. Nov 7th 2012 The accountancy firm BDO, the sixth-biggest in Britain, is to merge with the U.K. arm of rival PKF, the ninth-biggest, to create a business with 3,500 staff and £400 million in revenues that will aim to challenge the “big four” auditors
  22. Nov 7th 2012 Iberia, the Spanish airline that merged with British Airways to become International Airlines Group (IAG) last year, is to axe up to 7,000 jobs, Union Bosses have warned
  23. Nov 7th 2012 Vestas to slash a further 3,000 jobs after warning that it will slide into the red this year amid plummeting sales and runaway costs
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