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Reforming The Banks

December 21, 2012 1 comment

Harsh but fair!!! Well said sir….


The usual total fudge from our politicians. The Banking Standards Commission try to make everything sound so involved with their talk of ring-fencing and breaking-up the connection between high street and investment banks. Doesn’t it all sound wonderful?

No, it’s cobblers. The only thing these Bankers will understand is when the ones at the top of these food-chains finds themselves locked up in gaol. They’ll soon self-regulate when they realise that if they get it wrong then they will end up sharing a cell for 23 hours a day with kind Mr Bendover.

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well said!

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absolutely nailed it…..brilliant!

Brian M. Lucey

This started out as a little crowdsourced joke on Twitter, with the hashtag #austeridictionary (note the spelling). A link to the ongoing discussion/madness is I used SearchHash to collate the hashtagged tweets, into a CSV folder, which I  then cleaned up in Excel. Its a bit of fun, but also like all good satire has a bite. The words we use are important. Using phrases in a Humpty Dumpty like manner, where going forward means going backward, where recovery means stagnation etc is an abuse of both language and the intelligence of people. A  great feature of Ireland is that we dont take ourselves too seriously. The problem is that sometimes neither does anybody else! In any case, cleaned of the most clearly libelous and obscence, here is The Austerity Dictionary


4: amount by which BBC salaries are multiplied to get equivalent levels at RTE
52:  Typical…

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A question of morality #desperate #money #economy

December 3, 2012 1 comment

Deal or No Deal (UK game show)

Deal or No Deal (UK game show) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google, Starbucks & Amazon’s tax arrangements are “immoral”, say MPs – Business News – Business – London Evening Standard.

So here’s an interesting question.

When is it ok to make a lot of money and pay no tax? Seemingly when it suits the government to allow it to happen.

It would appear that “immoral tax arrangements” have been in place for years before the economy spiralled into recession. Now that governments and banks are on their knees, who can they turn to for more cash.

Governments can turn on the tap, to come and milk the middle classes again. Just to remind you, these are the people who pay their taxes on time, send their kids to school, spend and save wisely, pay their car tax, heating bills, school fees, council tax, parking fines, speeding fines, tube fares, bus fares, congestion tax, mortgages….etc etc etc…(nearly all of which increase yearly, by far more than the rate of inflation)

Banks can likewise impose banking fees, on those who have some money on deposit in their accounts, attracting little or no interest and pay all their bills electronically and have been forced to bank online.

BUT wait, now there is a question of morality. Having milked the middle classes, governments are now turning to the very RICH!

These are the people who often have no “fixed” abode, choosing to live in many different countries. They pay little or no tax due to adroitness of their accountants and financial advisors.

Who can governments turn to next? Footballers, ‘celebrities’, TV presenters? Is it immoral to make a lot of money playing football, being an X factor judge, presenting I’m a celebrity?

Is it immoral for Channel 4 to hand out prize money of up to £250,000 daily, TAX FREE on Deal or no Deal? For goodness sake, you don’t even need to be educated as there are no questions to answer!

Fortunately for Mr Osborne and chancellors that will follow him over many decades to come, the list is quite long………