absolutely nailed it…..brilliant!

Brian M. Lucey

This started out as a little crowdsourced joke on Twitter, with the hashtag #austeridictionary (note the spelling). A link to the ongoing discussion/madness is https://twitter.com/search/realtime?q=%23austeridictionary&src=hash. I used SearchHash to collate the hashtagged tweets, into a CSV folder, which I  then cleaned up in Excel. Its a bit of fun, but also like all good satire has a bite. The words we use are important. Using phrases in a Humpty Dumpty like manner, where going forward means going backward, where recovery means stagnation etc is an abuse of both language and the intelligence of people. A  great feature of Ireland is that we dont take ourselves too seriously. The problem is that sometimes neither does anybody else! In any case, cleaned of the most clearly libelous and obscence, here is The Austerity Dictionary


4: amount by which BBC salaries are multiplied to get equivalent levels at RTE
52:  Typical…

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