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Goldman Sachs New World Headquarters

Goldman Sachs New World Headquarters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over 1 million Brits will face interest-only mortgage shortfall.

Interesting and no doubt sound advice from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority, not the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I assume)

Although sadly it’s a bit like Goldman Sachs not paying any tax, a failure by authorities to understand who is paying for the mess of the past few years.

Yes its middle England mug taxpayer AGAIN. This is the guy who works for 8-10 hours a day, pays all his taxes on time not to mention his inflation capped energy bills (NOT), fines, council taxes, road taxes, school fees, airport departure taxes, airport landing taxes, health care bills, insurances….the list goes on.

So thanks for the thought from the FCA, my advice would be to save a little more each month to pay off your mortgage.

What? You haven’t got any spare cash left at the end of the month?

My advice would be, stay at home on the dole, watch TV all day and get all your bills paid for you.

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