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Where have all the carbon credit cold callers gone? #unregulated #scam #pension #economy

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English: Pencil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TONY HETHERINGTON: Carbon credits pitch is rife with false claims | This is Money.

To be fair to the FCA, this is and was an unregulated business, so progress at your own peril was definitely the shout.

As with any cold caller promising huge returns, one should always proceed with caution. If you still feel the urge to go for it, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Unfortunately due to the low level of interest rates, pensioners may feel the urge to take bigger risks to generate an income, much more so than if they were receiving a nice return from the hard earned nest egg at their local building society or bank. Unfortunately those days seem to have long gone and as people become more desperate the ‘fraud’ and ‘scam’ industry will remain on an upward growth trend (unlike the economy).

As with any investment apply Common sense and at all costs AVOID desperation.

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