iTunes library corrupt #apple #QNAP #NAS #iTunes


If like me, you happen to have been an early adopter of Apple technology, your iTunes library has probably massively outgrown your Powerbook G4. Like me, you probably bought a new Macbook pro, stuffing further hard earned $$$ into the Apple machine.

If you outgrew that and refused to lay out any more cash, because you were fed up with the lack of support and bad attitude of Apple, not to mention the lamentable changes to the OS (Snow Leopard RIP) you might have bought yourself a QNAP NAS.

All went well as I moved my iTunes library across, freeing up precious space on my 500Gb hard drive, until one day iTunes decided to not open and corrupted the library.

Fortunately I had been backing up my ITunes Library files, so here was my quick fix:

Delete the iTunes Library.itl file, and rename the iTunes Library (damaged) file to iTunes Library and add the extension itl

Fire up iTunes again and everything was back to normal albeit I lost a couple of weeks of metadata, no of plays, skips, last played etc..since my last backup.

Thank goodness for backups and the QNAP NAS!

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