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iTunes library corrupt #apple #QNAP #NAS #iTunes


If like me, you happen to have been an early adopter of Apple technology, your iTunes library has probably massively outgrown your Powerbook G4. Like me, you probably bought a new Macbook pro, stuffing further hard earned $$$ into the Apple machine.

If you outgrew that and refused to lay out any more cash, because you were fed up with the lack of support and bad attitude of Apple, not to mention the lamentable changes to the OS (Snow Leopard RIP) you might have bought yourself a QNAP NAS.

All went well as I moved my iTunes library across, freeing up precious space on my 500Gb hard drive, until one day iTunes decided to not open and corrupted the library.

Fortunately I had been backing up my ITunes Library files, so here was my quick fix:

Delete the iTunes Library.itl file, and rename the iTunes Library (damaged) file to iTunes Library and add the extension itl

Fire up iTunes again and everything was back to normal albeit I lost a couple of weeks of metadata, no of plays, skips, last played etc..since my last backup.

Thank goodness for backups and the QNAP NAS!


just wondered if any of this sounded familiar? #London #BOE #houseprices #inflation

February 26, 2014 Leave a comment

So here we are again, the Bank of England isn’t worried by the rise in house prices, the FTSE is at a 14 year high, Taylor Wimpey are about to become part of the elite FTSE 100 index and this 5 bed flat will cost you £45,000 a MONTH to rent.

No need for a rise in interest rates then?

honourable effort from Pingit but isn’t maths taught at school any more? #education

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Jersey Français : Jersey

Jersey Français : Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘Split the bill with Barclays Pingit

We’ve all been there – out for a team lunch or a birthday dinner with a large group of people and, when the bill arrives, you’re left to figure out what everyone owes.

Now you can use the Barclays Pingit in-app calculator to quickly work out how to split the cost, add individual tips and request payments from your friends. So you won’t be left out of pocket’


Westminster City Council’s 9-inch double yellow lines thought to be UK’s smallest | Metro News

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Double Yellow Line and Kerb

Double Yellow Line and Kerb (Photo credit: Dominic’s pics)

Westminster City Council’s 9-inch double yellow lines thought to be UK’s smallest | Metro News.

Have you ever wondered why the world is in such a mess?

I’d love to know how much money Westminster Council paid the contractor?

Is there ANY hope for future generations?

Common sense, just common sense.

iPod touch – The new zero generation iPod #apple #ipod #camera #odd

English: The 1st generation iPod Touch, with a...

English: The 1st generation iPod Touch, with a non-scratch cover over the glass front. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

iPod touch – Buy iPod touch with Free Shipping – Apple Store UK.

Why would I spend £200 on a gadget that has no rear facing camera?

Hardly a game changer?

Common sense or desperation?

Time for this nonsense to stop #Apple #tax #morality #cheating #evasion

English: Apple's headquarters at Infinite Loop...

English: Apple’s headquarters at Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Apple chief calls on US government to slash US corporate tax | Technology | The Guardian.


Reading through this article, I can hardly believe my eyes!


Apple has admitted stashing tax free cash in Ireland.


So why don’t the authorities just make them pay tax on the income?


If an individual earns money worldwide, it is taxable irrespective of whether it is repatriated to the individuals country of domicile?


Apple is a US company, just man up and pay the tax.


Common sense, the morality of paying tax.