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iTunes library corrupt #apple #QNAP #NAS #iTunes


If like me, you happen to have been an early adopter of Apple technology, your iTunes library has probably massively outgrown your Powerbook G4. Like me, you probably bought a new Macbook pro, stuffing further hard earned $$$ into the Apple machine.

If you outgrew that and refused to lay out any more cash, because you were fed up with the lack of support and bad attitude of Apple, not to mention the lamentable changes to the OS (Snow Leopard RIP) you might have bought yourself a QNAP NAS.

All went well as I moved my iTunes library across, freeing up precious space on my 500Gb hard drive, until one day iTunes decided to not open and corrupted the library.

Fortunately I had been backing up my ITunes Library files, so here was my quick fix:

Delete the iTunes Library.itl file, and rename the iTunes Library (damaged) file to iTunes Library and add the extension itl

Fire up iTunes again and everything was back to normal albeit I lost a couple of weeks of metadata, no of plays, skips, last played etc..since my last backup.

Thank goodness for backups and the QNAP NAS!


Time for this nonsense to stop #Apple #tax #morality #cheating #evasion

English: Apple's headquarters at Infinite Loop...

English: Apple’s headquarters at Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Apple chief calls on US government to slash US corporate tax | Technology | The Guardian.


Reading through this article, I can hardly believe my eyes!


Apple has admitted stashing tax free cash in Ireland.


So why don’t the authorities just make them pay tax on the income?


If an individual earns money worldwide, it is taxable irrespective of whether it is repatriated to the individuals country of domicile?


Apple is a US company, just man up and pay the tax.


Common sense, the morality of paying tax.



BBC News – Apple ‘among largest tax avoiders in US’ – Senate committee #avoidance #tax #commonsense #windfall #taxation

BBC News – Apple ‘among largest tax avoiders in US’ – Senate committee.

Apple, Amazon, Starbucks, Goldman join the ever-growing list of mega corporates who think it’s ‘clever’ to pay no tax.

What are the authorities doing, oh yes they are chasing honest hard-working individuals who want to own their own home and educate their children.

If you are a corporate or a billionaire, no tax, no problem.

The world has gone totally bonkers.

Commonsense, whatever happened to it? Want to sort the problem out, then windfall tax these big corporates who are cheating society.

Taxation Magazine

Taxation Magazine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apple calendar crash in iPad #iPad #apple #fail #March2013

February 20, 2013 Leave a comment

English: Apple iPad Event

English: Apple iPad Event (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So here’s the problem, I’m trying to read my calendar on my iPad first generation. Before you all start laughing, in the main I’ve been very pleased with my iPad since day 1.

A few years on, it’s becoming sluggish and crashes on a very regular basis. The latest issue appears to be something to do with daylight saving.

I’m trying to turn to events in March 2013. Every time I try to do this it crashes. I’ve restarted the machine, synched it etc etc. all to no avail.

So I resorted to the web and found this article.

Thanks to Cemo for the solution to my problem.

Apple’s latest attempt to extract your cash #shame #lowblow

October 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Apple I at the Smithsonian Museum

Apple I at the Smithsonian Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter – Apple Store (U.S.).

I used to love Apple products and still own several of them, iPods, iPads, Mac books, desktops, accessories blah blah blah.

I also own several upgrades to both OS X and iOS, most of which fall well short of the standards that Apple set several years ago.

A victim of their own success? Probably but I’m concerned that Apple is turning into Windows, churning out products which just don’t work anymore.

The final insult, if you want the new Apple tech, iPhone 5 or 5g iPod, then all of the kit you have bought in the past is rendered useless in one fell swoop without, wait for it, yet another accessory.

Common sense, why has Apple lost it?

Calendar hang every now and then: Apple Support Communities

September 27, 2012 1 comment

Apple I On display at the Smithsonian

Apple I On display at the Smithsonian (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Calendar hang every now and then: Apple Support Communities.

I wonder if anyone at Apple has a solution for this? Looking at the blogs etc etc it doesn’t seem so.

Common sense, look after your customers or eventually they won’t buy your products #apple