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Morally wrong and unfair #London #unfair #taxation #takingadvantage #commonsense #taxpayer #TFL

Here’s another list that I should have started years ago but hey ho….

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1. June 2014 London Congestion charge to rise by 15%. Ever heard of inflation Boris? Just in case you haven’t, it’s currently about 2%, so where’s the justification in a 15% rise in this TAX?

2. July 2013 Diplomats owe over £60m in unpaid congestion charge fines. Just beggars belief in this day and age!




Watch this space for more hypocrisy…


just wondered if any of this sounded familiar? #London #BOE #houseprices #inflation

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So here we are again, the Bank of England isn’t worried by the rise in house prices, the FTSE is at a 14 year high, Taylor Wimpey are about to become part of the elite FTSE 100 index and this 5 bed flat will cost you £45,000 a MONTH to rent.

No need for a rise in interest rates then?

Westminster City Council’s 9-inch double yellow lines thought to be UK’s smallest | Metro News

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Double Yellow Line and Kerb

Double Yellow Line and Kerb (Photo credit: Dominic’s pics)

Westminster City Council’s 9-inch double yellow lines thought to be UK’s smallest | Metro News.

Have you ever wondered why the world is in such a mess?

I’d love to know how much money Westminster Council paid the contractor?

Is there ANY hope for future generations?

Common sense, just common sense.

Is London building a Sterile City? #lifelesstowers

Open-City Architecture News.

Voice your opinion on the Open City website.

Clearly there is opposition to the endless creation of tower blocks, have your say.

Common sense, don’t risk sterility

English: The City of London skyline as viewed ...

English: The City of London skyline as viewed toward the north-west from the top floor viewing platform of London City Hall on the southern side of the Thames. In the foreground: Dixie Queen and Millennium Time at Tower Millennium Pier. This is a 5 segment panoramic image taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

. #building #London

Another part of London to be desecrated? #homes #starbucks #mall #EarlsCourt

London Mayor approves £8bn Earls Court plan Ι Construction Enquirer.

Let’s stuff in another 7500 new homes into an already overcrowded city, strain the public transport system even more and more. Make sure there are a couple of tall landmark towers, which are totally out of context with the surrounding residential area and make sure they block out the light to the remaining residents.

Let’s build another multiplex cinema, a Starbucks, a McDonalds, some phone shops, another supermarket and a Nandos.

Earls cLets throw in a couple of hotels as well, build some cycle lanes and narrow the road access for cars. Chuck in another 20 years of transportation chaos and building grime whilst the development is completed, for good measure.

When it’s finally built, we can all moan about how many of the homes are in the hands of overseas investors, either as second homes or as rental units and then we can complain about how much landlords are overcharging.

And finally goodbye to Earls Court, an exhibition and conference venue that has hosted, amongst others, events at the 1948 Summer Olympics, the volleyball events of the 2012 Summer Olympics, music concerts, Motor shows, Ideal home exhibitions and so on.

Does the building itself have some historical and architectural significance or would Londoners prefer another aseptic tall tower block, with a restaurant and a few penthouse flats at the top?

You decide by voting on this poll.

Sorry Boris but I think you’ve really lost the plot.

Eurozone unemployment hits record 12.2 percent #madness #ECB #EURO #UK #youth #selfworth #nuts #bonkers

Countries using the Euro de jure Countries and...

Countries using the Euro de jure Countries and territories using the Euro de facto Countries in the EU not using the Euro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eurozone unemployment hits record 12.2 percent – Yahoo! News.

Am I the only person in Europe who thinks this is wrong?

Draconian measures taken by Governments and corporations, banks etc either in the name of austerity or efficiency are causing huge unemployment, particularly amongst the youth of many ‘Euro’ nations.

It’s complete madness to have a generation growing up, who haven’t ever had a job. What will their offspring do?

Time to bring back mundane paper pushing jobs in banks and government agencies. If nothing else organise the kids to do voluntary work of some sort, helping old people, helping footballers to wash their ‘supercars’, helping government officials to organise their tax affairs or maintain their numerous properties….I don’t know…but do something!

At least the kids would feel some ‘self worth’ instead of feeling useless.

Use some of the billions being stashed away under the Basel III initiative to pay youngsters to do a job in a bank?

Time for organised efficiency!

sound advice from the #FCA #interestrates #0 #banks #economy #pensions

Goldman Sachs New World Headquarters

Goldman Sachs New World Headquarters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over 1 million Brits will face interest-only mortgage shortfall.

Interesting and no doubt sound advice from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority, not the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I assume)

Although sadly it’s a bit like Goldman Sachs not paying any tax, a failure by authorities to understand who is paying for the mess of the past few years.

Yes its middle England mug taxpayer AGAIN. This is the guy who works for 8-10 hours a day, pays all his taxes on time not to mention his inflation capped energy bills (NOT), fines, council taxes, road taxes, school fees, airport departure taxes, airport landing taxes, health care bills, insurances….the list goes on.

So thanks for the thought from the FCA, my advice would be to save a little more each month to pay off your mortgage.

What? You haven’t got any spare cash left at the end of the month?

My advice would be, stay at home on the dole, watch TV all day and get all your bills paid for you.