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Due to a larger than normal volume of requests…#customerservice #unemployment #corporate #greed

To be honest I should have started this thread a long time ago but better late than never I suppose. I intend to add on an ‘as necessary basis’

So basically my thoughts are that any company that responds with the expression

“Due to a larger than normal volume of requests”

or similar type statement, actually knows that they are not providing an efficient customer service. (Note, customers are the people that keep your business alive)

So the solution is to put your corporate hand in your pocket, pay the CEO a few million less and take on some more staff, thus helping reduce unemployment, improving the nations self worth, giving back to society, give your government a bigger tax take and above all, reduce customer annoyance.

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1. 29th May 2014 Your feedback is important to us. Due to a larger than normal volume of requests, you should expect to receive a personal response from a Starbucks customer service representative in 4-5 business days. (In fairness I received a satisfactory response within 24 hours)


Common sense, don’t appoint KPMG without it #MFGlobal #FSA

March 16, 2012 Leave a comment

MF Global creditors list removed on violence threat | Metal Bulletin.

How on earth can this list have been published with people’s names and addresses. Have KPMG never heard of identity fraud?

Common sense, don’t appoint KPMG without it.

US retail banking system still desperate for cash…

Bank of America Weighs New Set of Fees –

The latest attempt by Bank of America to rebuild at a time of low interest rates, is to tap the customer again.

Perhaps a rise in interest rates wouldn’t be such a bad thing, as it would at least start to generate cash for the beleaguered saver. In turn this could boost the economy and help to erode debt.

Common sense, don’t leave home without it.