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Due to a larger than normal volume of requests…#customerservice #unemployment #corporate #greed

To be honest I should have started this thread a long time ago but better late than never I suppose. I intend to add on an ‘as necessary basis’

So basically my thoughts are that any company that responds with the expression

“Due to a larger than normal volume of requests”

or similar type statement, actually knows that they are not providing an efficient customer service. (Note, customers are the people that keep your business alive)

So the solution is to put your corporate hand in your pocket, pay the CEO a few million less and take on some more staff, thus helping reduce unemployment, improving the nations self worth, giving back to society, give your government a bigger tax take and above all, reduce customer annoyance.

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1. 29th May 2014 Your feedback is important to us. Due to a larger than normal volume of requests, you should expect to receive a personal response from a Starbucks customer service representative in 4-5 business days. (In fairness I received a satisfactory response within 24 hours)


Eurozone unemployment hits record 12.2 percent #madness #ECB #EURO #UK #youth #selfworth #nuts #bonkers

Countries using the Euro de jure Countries and...

Countries using the Euro de jure Countries and territories using the Euro de facto Countries in the EU not using the Euro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eurozone unemployment hits record 12.2 percent – Yahoo! News.

Am I the only person in Europe who thinks this is wrong?

Draconian measures taken by Governments and corporations, banks etc either in the name of austerity or efficiency are causing huge unemployment, particularly amongst the youth of many ‘Euro’ nations.

It’s complete madness to have a generation growing up, who haven’t ever had a job. What will their offspring do?

Time to bring back mundane paper pushing jobs in banks and government agencies. If nothing else organise the kids to do voluntary work of some sort, helping old people, helping footballers to wash their ‘supercars’, helping government officials to organise their tax affairs or maintain their numerous properties….I don’t know…but do something!

At least the kids would feel some ‘self worth’ instead of feeling useless.

Use some of the billions being stashed away under the Basel III initiative to pay youngsters to do a job in a bank?

Time for organised efficiency!

Savers have hit for £70bn as printing money ‘helps rich’ admits Bank of England #behindthecurve #BOE #eurocrisis

August 24, 2012 1 comment

The Bank of England in Threadneedle Street, Lo...

The Bank of England in Threadneedle Street, London. Deutsch: Sitz der Bank von England in der Londoner Threadneedle Street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even in recession the rich get richer: Savers have been hit for £70bn as printing money ‘helps rich’ admits Bank of England | Mail Online.

A staggering admission from The Bank of England, leaves the average reader totally dumbfounded as to why there is no change in direction over monetary policy.

Evidently, according to our great leader at The Bank

‘Without the Bank’s asset purchases, most people in the United Kingdom would have been worse off. Economic growth would have been lower. Unemployment would have been higher. Many more companies would have gone out of business. This would have had a significant detrimental impact on savers and pensioners along with every other group in our society.’

Well to be honest, if The Bank keeps up the same policy, that is exactly where we are heading, into a deeper and deeper downward spiral.

Common sense, put up interest rates NOW!

It’s still a long, long summer #austerity #Merkel #Greece #Spain #Olympics

August 9, 2012 2 comments


austerity (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Some 5 months on from my original article, where are we now?
Heading downwards I’m afraid. The insistence by governments to pursue austerity measures and near zero interest rates has left many listed companies warning over future profit growth. GDP figures in the main Euro nations has been heading lower confirming the double dip recession. Interest rates are near zero, meaning that savings growth is stagnating and consumer spending is slowing in most areas.

Even our great leader of The Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King said that “cutting interest rates further…..might be counterproductive”

An astute observation by Mr King, although to be honest you can’t go much lower than 0.5%.

For the time being, nothing much has changed. Unemployment is still rising, jobs cuts are still progressing, the Economy is contracting, the tax payer is still bailing out the banks but hey, it’s The Olympics and everything is OK. Just wait until September.

Common sense, just common sense.

IMF backs tax and interest rate cuts to dig UK out of recession | Business |

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, Internat...

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

IMF backs tax and interest rate cuts to dig UK out of recession | Business |

It may have escaped Christine Lagarde’s notice that the UK has had interest rates of 0.5% for almost 3 years now.

This hasn’t made a jot of difference to the UK recovery scenario because domestic bank lending (which fuels growth) just hasn’t been taking place.

The banks have been so wrapped up in Basel III to increase their capital bases to guard against the next disaster, a failing sovereign state, take your pick from Greece, Spain, Italy or Portugal.

Unemployment is high because public sector jobs have been destroyed and corporates are too busy growing inorganically by sacking staff. E-commerce has also played it’s part in job destruction.

There is no chance of any recovery or repaying any debts until Governments start re-employing and corporates start giving jobs back into the economy.

What about job sharing? A three/four day working week would get youth off the street and make them feel worthwhile again.

Just a thought.

No doubt things will get worse before they get better when S&P and their sheep like friends decide to downgrade the UK.